KBS Kreative Kreations Flavors

Our cake flavors are baked with soul and love!
Here are some of our top requested flavors and pairing combinations, for various events!

Wedding Vanilla Almond Cake

A butter vanilla cake with a hint of almond. It pairs well with fresh berries or fillings!


Beautifully balance of lemony bliss. This cake pairs well with fresh berries, lemon curd, or berry fillings. 

Red Velvet

A fluffy moist cocoa buttery cake, tented red. This cake pairs well with vanilla, chocolate, or espresso frosting.


This cake is so chocolatey! It pairs well with many frostings including vanilla, chocolate, and espresso!
It doesn’t stop there! Fresh berries, caramel filling, or ganache will take it over the top!

Vanilla Confetti

A buttery vanilla cake that will offer you a fun colorful surprise inside! Pairs well with berries, citrus curds,
berry fillings, and even chocolate fillings.


A berry buttery delight, that pair well with chocolate filling, vanilla butter cream, and of course MORE BERRIES!